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Outlook on Agriculture, published quarterly, provides analysis, reviews and commentary for an international and interdisciplinary readership. Special attention is paid to food policy and strategic developments in food production; the role of agriculture in social and economic development; agriculture and human health; and environmental issues.

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Tourism Economics, published quarterly, covers the business aspects of tourism in the wider context. It takes account of constraints on development, such as social and community interests and the sustainable use of tourism and recreation resources, and inputs into the production process. The definition of tourism used includes tourist trips taken for all purposes, embracing both stay and day visitors.
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Industry and Higher Education, published six times per year, is dedicated to the relationships between business and industry and higher education institutions. With a strong emphasis on practical aspects, the journal covers organizational, economic, political, legal, and social issues relating to developments in education-industry collaboration. The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation was launched at the beginning of a century in which an understanding of the nature, process and practice of entrepreneurship will be a key factor in economic success. Published three times per year by IP Publishing on behalf of SOAS, South East Asia Research includes papers on all aspects of South East Asia within the disciplines of archaeology, art history, economics, geography, history, language and literature, law music, political science, social anthropology and religious studies. Papers are based on original research or field work.

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